Monday, May 21, 2018

Creative DIY Projects That Turn Dried Up Flowers Into Pressed Works of Art

Pressed Flower Art Have you ever wished you could extend the life of a bouquet of flowers? Doing so is easier than you think. And no, we haven’t found some anti-aging miracle for plants, but we have discovered a lot of DIY projects using pressed flowers. By preserving and flattening these blooms, you are giving them a new lease on life. Once dried—and optionally, pressed—they can be used in many, sometimes unexpected, ways.
The preservation of plants is a long tradition that dates back to ancient Greek and Roman times; pressing them was a way for botanists to record and analyze different species. The practice continued to the Victorian era, where the focus was on nature’s beauty to be admired forever.
Nowadays, our attitude towards pressed flower art is akin to the Victorians. Thanks to Pinterest, the possibilities for what you can make seem endless. From custom phone cases to wall hangings, the applications range from practical to decorative—but each will get your creative juices flowing.

Friday, February 2, 2018

DIY How to make Ballerina Canvas Wall Art

A detailed tutorial on how to make a panel with a ballerina. You make download picture of a ballerina, print and make copy it using carbon paper on a panel.
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